The report assumes that Budget Private Schools are a critical means to improve education quality & access at affordable cost, especially for children from lower and middle income families in India. It makes use of a conceptual framework to categorise the various aspects related to BPS into four themes: demand, supply, ecosystem, and regulation.  Each theme is further divided into sub-topics, which will be addressed by relevant experts representing research, policy and practice. A brief description of themes and sub-topics is provided below:

  1. Demand: Investigate the demography of users, their experience, and accountability structures available to them. Sub-topics include: understanding parental choice; user experience; user demographic; and accountability.
    1. Subtopic 1: Understanding parental choice – Choice & quality of education in BPS
      1. Author: James Tooley, Newcastle University | Title: Trends in demand for low cost private schools based on current evidence & research.
    2. Subtopic 2: Accountability – Private school accountability through school standards and parental engagement
      1. Author: Kavita Anand, Adhyayan | Title: Case study of Adhyayan’s experience of working with 160 BPS in achieving standards of educational excellence
  1. Supply: Examine the provision of education considering quality, scope, challenges faced by providers and emerging trends. Sub-topics include: quality; new trends; volume & enrolments; low-cost pre schools; and production.
    1. Subtopic 1: Quality – Status of quality of education in BPS
      1. Author 1: Vyjayanthi Sankar, Centre for Science of Student Learning | Title: A discussion on education outcomes in BPS based on data from large-scale assessments studies
      2. Author 2: Ashok Thakur, MUNI International School | Title: A case study on Muni International School and a discussion on how quality can be improved within budget private schools
    2. Subtopic 2: New Trends – Emergence of Low Cost School Chains: Local & Global Chains
      1. Author 1: Sujatha Mutthaya, Bridge International Academies | Title: How do school chains improve quality?
      2. Author 2: Ekta Sodha, Sodha Schools | Title: Scaling a chain of BPS: a discussion on the business model and governance challenges
    3. Subtopic 3: Volume & enrolments
      1. Author: Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Institute of Education, University of London | Title: Phenomena of small schools, emptying of government schools and growth of BPS Sector
    4. Subtopic 4: Production
      1. Author: Divya Agarwal, Centre for Civil Society | Title: Research from 5 states on Ease of Opening Schools (EoOS)
  1. Ecosystem: Understand the status of current efforts, motivations and plans of investors and service providers. Sub-topics include: service providers; research & development; and financing.
    1. Subtopic 1: Service Providers
      1. Author 1: Neil D’Souza, Zaya | Title: A case study on blended learning models based on Zaya’s experience
      2. Author 2: James Townsend, STiR | Title: A case study on teacher training in BPS based on STiR’s research in Delhi
      3. Author 3: Sameer Sampat, ISLI | Title: A discussion on status of school leadership in the sector
    2. Subtopic 2: Financing – Investor experience: Current trends, Subsectors, Prospects, Challenges
      1. Author 1: Brajesh Mishra, Varthana | Title: Trends in demand and supply side of school financing in BPS Sector
      2. Author 2: Prachi Windlass, MSDF | Title: Challenges faced by the BPS sector in scaling up due to demand and supply side issues
  1. Regulation: Study the aims, efforts & effects of regulation pertaining to BPS in India, the South-Asia region and globally. Sub-topics include: SDG & BPS; policy and practitioner collaboration; policy updates; approach to regulation; and role of BPS & New Education Policy.
    1. Suptopic 1: Sustainable Development Goals and BPS
      1. Interview: Aneela Salman, Pakistan Education Foundation  | Title: Envisaging a role of BPS & Low Cost Private School Chains in light of Universal and Free Access to elementary education & Sustainable Development Goals
    2. Subtopic 2: Policy & Practitioner Collaboration
      1. Author: Kulbhushan Sharma, National Independent Schools Alliance | Title: Challenges faced by BPS due to disconnect with policy-making process
    3. Subtopic 3: Approach to regulation
      1. Author: Arvind Nagarajan, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund | Title: Approach toward regulation of BPS – global experiences
    4. Subtopic 4: Role of BPS & New Education Policy
      1. Author: Shailaja Chandra, Independent Policy Analyst | Title: Opportunities and concerns vis-a-vis policy approach towards BPS in India

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