Why Liberty? - Your Life, Your choice, Your future

Event Date: 03 Nov 2014; Time: 12:30pm
Venue: Hansraj College, New Delhi
Hansraj College in partnership with CCS is hosting Parth J Shah, President, CCS for a talk about why we need a society based on liberty, and why this society is the best way to achieve every individual's full potential. "Why Liberty? - Your Life, Your choice, Your future" is based on the book edited by Tom G Palmer and published by SFL.

Rethinking Capitalism

Event Date: 03 Nov 2014; Time: 10:45 am
Venue: Miranda House, New Delhi
Miranda House, in partnership with CCS, is hosting a panel discussion on 'Rethinking Capitalism'. Speakers on the panel will be Parth J Shah, President of Centre for Civil Society, and Nandini Dutta, Associate Professor, Economics at Miranda House. The talk will explore whether capitalism is heading towards an inevitable apocalypse, and whether a solution to the problems that plague the capitalist structure can be found within the system. Parth J Shah will explore the self-sustaining nature of capitalism, while Ms Dutta will offer a counter-view.

Talk by Johan Norberg, Eminent Author and Historian

Event Date: 16 Oct 2014; Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Venue: UChicago Center in Delhi

Chair: Gurcharan Das, Author and Commentator

Johan NorbergCentre for Civil Society takes great pleasure in hosting a public lecture on ‘Globalisation: Why it's an opportunity for developing countries?’ by Johan Norberg, one of the world’s most eloquent liberty advocates and most known as the author of In Defense of Global Capitalism on 16 October, 5:30-7:30pm at Lecture Hall, UChicago Center in Delhi, DLF Capitol Point, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

He has published numerous books including In Defense of Global Capitalism, which earned Atlas Networks celebrated Fisher Award in 2002,has been translated into a dozen languages, and inspired the British Channel 4 documentary "Globalisation is Good". Norberg will also host a national public television special, produced by the Free to Choose Network, about the effects of economic freedom in South Korea, Chile, Zambia, and Slovakia. Norberg is a senior fellow at the European Centre for International Political Economy and at the Cato Institute.

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Chintan on The Indian Liberal Tradition

Event Date: 08 Oct 2014; Time: 4-5.30pm
Venue: CCS Office (A-69, Hauz Khas)

It is often believed that ideas of economic freedom and reforms are “not Indian” and have been imported from the West under circumstances outside our control (such as the balance of payments crisis necessitating the economic reforms of 1991 at IMF's behest). However, research into modern Indian history showcases the rich indigenous liberal tradition that stood against ideas of a planned economy and society. Kumar Anand will present these findings at CCS Chintan on 8 October at the CCS office. Join us!

RSVP Manasi Bose (pr@ccs.in | +91 98107 72964). Seats limited.

Colloquium on Education: Philosophy, Policy, and Practice

Event Date: 22 Aug To 24 Aug 2014; Time: N/A
Venue: Jaipur

It is rarely questioned whether education is a legitimate role of the state. Yet there are good reasons to be critical of government involvement in education. In recent decades, it has become clear that state central planning lacks the knowledge and flexibility required to achieve its objectives. Decentralised, evolutionary systems that enable diversity, trial and error, feedback, and competition have been shown to lead to more dynamic improvement both in theory and in practice. So why are people so uncritical about the idea of a one-size-fits-all, top down, bureaucratic system of schooling?

CCS Colloquium is a two-day (three nights) residential program and forum for in-depth discussion centred on a chosen theme. The Colloquium provides participants an opportunity to disentangle themselves from the distractions of everyday life to reflect on issues of fundamental and enduring importance. Our hope is that participants will go on to share their advanced understandings and to develop innovative ideas and approaches for the advancement of liberalism today.

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