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Area of Works

School Choice Campaign

School Choice Campaign (SCC) is an award winning program for improving the education system in India, where all children receive quality education of their choice. Through proof of concept and policy meets, SCC is working towards efficient use of public spending, equity and quality education through free market competition and private participation.

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Jeevika: Law, Liberty & Livelihood

Jeevika is an award winning effort aimed to eradicate market entry and exit barriers to promote individual livelihood freedom for street entrepreneurs (i.e. street hawkers, cycle rickshaw pullers, small shop owners etc.) Our current focus is on street vending and artisanship in Bihar and street vending and cycle rickshaw pulling in Rajasthan. Know more about our policy impact and approach on

Good Governance

CCS is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government programs and building an informed citizenry through public policy meets, dialogues, research and publications. Our literature review and policy assessment primarily addresses New Public Management (NPM), right o information and public governance. Our recent work includes:

Citizen Handbooks

Researching the reality of public governance

Duty to Publish

Bringing the public’s information into the public domain

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

Facilitating urban reforms across the nation

New Public Management

Fixing incentives to make government’s work

Ward Level Management

Taking power to the people

Markets & Community

To address effective allocation, use and management of resources, CCS highlights weak environmental policies that complicate accountability, effective use and administration of natural resources. To overcome the environmental and market problems, the Centre offers localised community ownership and responsibility solutions that promote resource privatisation, to bring sustainable solutions to prevalent environmental problems.

Rule of Law

We research the state of the judicial system and tort laws to promote rule of law—a set of norms that act as a principle of governance, accountable to uphold by all members of society including the state itself, which are publicly understood and shared, equally enforced and consistent with an international code of conduct—necessary for a civil society.

World & I

We believe that an open market and a deregulated environment are necessary conditions for economic growth and what India needs to embrace to grow out of poverty. CCS advocates for free trade and offers comprehensive studies related to trade and globalisation to better understand the challenges and opportunities, specifically in agriculture