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CCS Academy Alumni

Over the course of 16 years Centre for Civil Society has conducted several policy training workshops and research internships reaching out to thousands of diverse minds, including students, journalists, those working in the development sector, and corporates spanning various industries across the country. In our journey to bring about social change through public policy we have engaged with passionate individuals who not only envision, debate and discuss, but walk the talk for a strong society, one where each individual has more choice and accountability to lead a life of peace and prosperity. If you have attended any one of our training programs in the past, including the Liberty and Society Seminars, the I, Society and Public Policy Seminars and the more recently christened ipolicy or the internship programs then you are a CCS Alum and automatically a part of the larger CCS Family.

What do we aim to do?
To stay in regular contact with all alumni, friends and others in our network through events, reunion meets, online networking and other correspondence dedicated to bringing the CCS family scattered all over the world together. To find out as much as possible, what you, our alumni are doing, where you are currently and what it is you plan to do, coming up. You are an integral part of CCS.

Why is it important to connect?
Being connected to the alumni network means being connected everything CCS.  The association you share here with the network will open up a universe of diverse opportunities and will help maintain and develop existing relations and help discover and create new ones.