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15 July 2019
People. Policy. Perspectives.

Law and Liberty Conference (LLC) 2019

Law and Liberty Conference 2019

Centre for Civil Society (CCS) in association with Symbiosis Law School, Pune brings to you the Law and Liberty Conference (LLC) 2019.

The conference aims to provide a platform for liberal perspectives on legal concerns, develop a liberal critique of the extant juridical discourse and to build a network of legal practitioners, scholars and students to promote the cause of liberty.

This year, the LLC is based on the overarching theme of 'Legal Foundations of a Free Society', aiming to explore the importance of government regulations in enabling societal growth and progress, and the importance of economic freedom in creating a free society.

Theme: Legal Foundations of a Free Society
Date: 19 - 20 August 2019
Venue: Symbiosis Law School, Pune
Application Deadline: 21 July 2019

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SO Basically: Episode 5
Kya Private Schools Chor Hai?

SO Basically: Episode 5

In the latest episode of SO Basically, we look into the reasons behind the frequent fee hikes across the country and ask whether fee regulation is really the solution. There have been numerous protests by parents all over the country over the hike in private school fees. But what exactly is causing these fee hikes? Is it simply a case of all private schools being greedy, or is there more to it?

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Indian Liberals Speak:
Gurcharan Das on India’s Future

Indian Liberals Speak: 
Gurcharan Das on India’s Future

Indian Liberals brings to you, Gurcharan Das’ ‘Vision for a Prosperous India’. We are two years away from celebrating our 75th anniversary of independence. With this in mind, Gurcharan Das, Indian author and public intellectual, discusses his ideas on how to make India prosper and the strategy to make it possible.

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Economic Freedom for Farmers
- A Farmers’ Take

 Economic Freedom for Farmers - A Farmers’ Take

Farmers across India are demanding access to new and improved varieties of seeds that have been proven safe and adopted for years elsewhere around the world. In this video, Jayant Ramchandran Bapat of Yavatmal district in Maharashtra makes an appeal to the Prime Minister requesting access to seeds that could increase his productivity and make life better for all, especially for women farmers. They also demand that regulators should narrow the focus to basic biosafety issues, and not look at efficacy or economic viability of the GM product.

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19-20 August 2019
Law and Liberty
Conference (LLC) 2019

Application deadline:
21 July 2019

19 - 21 July 2019
Politics of Development (POD)

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