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18 April 2019
People. Policy. Perspectives.


RESEARCHING REALITY INTERNSHIP 2019Researching Reality is an annual six-week internship program that offers intensive training in policy-relevant research to undergraduate and graduate students of various disciplines. During the course of the internship, the interns frame a research question, analyse the data collected through primary and secondary sources, and author a research paper. While research-guides steer their projects and train them, various experts, academics and practitioners working in the field of public policy provide their knowledge and insights.

This year, the selected candidates will work on examining the effectiveness of Government policies in enabling education and livelihood.

Date: 3 June - 19 July 2019
Venue: New Delhi
Application deadline: 25 April 2019

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Calling all liberal writers - Indian Liberals Essay Contest 2019!

Indian liberal essay contest2019

Indian Liberals, launched in 2015, is an online repository of Indian liberal writings. Indian Liberals hosts up to 50,000 digitized pages, offering exhaustive and comprehensive resources on the liberal discourse in India by ensuring high diversity of content.

In order to further liberal dialogue in India, Indian Liberals has announced its essay contest on the following topics:

  • Diversity, Democracy, and Dissent
  • Liberalism in India - Then and Now
  • Encoding Privacy a Digital World
  • A Liberal Constitution for India
  • Manifesto for a Prosperous India
  • Vigilantism, Nationalism and Techno-Nationalism
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution - What it means for India?

Deadline: 09 May 2019

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Kisan Garib Kyu Hai?- The Way Out

Latest on SO

Following up on the first episode examining the many woes of the Indian farmer, the second episode of the SO Basically series puts the focus on solutions that can unshackle the agricultural sector and put farmers on the road to prosperity.

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LATEST ON SPONTANEOUS ORDER: Election funding: Who pays for our political parties?


In this article, Sunaina Mathur talks about India's opaque political funding. The article analyses the various loopholes that exist in India's legal and institutional framework that make election funding so non-transparent and the immediate steps that can be taken to induce transparency and accountability in the political system.

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Why do we need to focus on learning outcomes in education?

Why do we need to focus o learning outcomes in Education

The debate on low learning levels has spurred several actions by the state. India has enrolled to participate in the 2021 round of PISA. The NCERT has defined grade level learning outcomes. NITI Aayog is developing an index to `institutionalise the focus on improving education outcomes' based on information generated by NAS, the largest national assessment survey in the country.

The important question is: Are these reforms sufficient to bring improvement across schools or are we still just tinkering at the edges?

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3 June - 19 July 2019 Researching
Reality Internship

Application deadline:
25 April 2019
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