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02 October 2013
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ipolicyìpolicy for Young Leaders, 21-24 October 2013

ipolicy course

“It was indeed a very scintillating experience for me to participate in ipolicy program held at Jaipur. Indeed I consider this course an eye opener which vindicated my belief that every social problem have a right set of solutions which lies in our approach and philosophical understanding. To some extent liberal philosophy started seeping in my way of thinking and channelising my thought process with a new constructive approach”

- Ankur Sharma, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Graduate, ìpolicy for Young Leaders

Apply NOW for a life-altering four day course on public policy! ìpolicy is a chance to explore a whole new way of looking at economics, governance and social issues. Come, question what you know. Applications close soon!

For details, contact Sadaf Hussain ( | +91 99531 33868)

ipolicyìpolicy for Journalists (Hindi), 22-24 November 2013

ipolicy course

The course has made me question the assumptions behind many statements that occur commonly in reporting about India and think about incentives and constraints in a more rational manner”

- Neha Thirani Bagri, New York Times
Graduate, ìpolicy for Journalists

Our course for journalists equips participants with analytical tools to better understand and evaluate the effects of public policies and offers unconventional angles and story ideas, information sources, and expert perspectives. Apply NOW!

For details, contact Sadaf Hussain ( | +91 99531 33868)

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Upcoming Events

21-24 October - ìpolicy for Young Leaders, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

22-24 November - ìpolicy for Journalists, Jaipur

20 December - School Choice National Conference, Delhi

8-9 January 2014 - Asia Liberty Forum, New Delhi

10-11 January 2014 - Think Tank Management and Leadership Training, New Delhi

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Shefali Malhotra of CCS writes about "Is Promulgating Ordinances Undemocratic?"

Vond raina
Vinod Raina at SCNC 2010 talks about Right to Education Act and it's relevance
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