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30 October 2013
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CCS Dashboarděpolicy for Journalists (Hindi), 22-24 November 2013

ipolicy for Journalists

Time is running out! Applications for the LAST ìpolicy for Journalists of the year close in 4 days.

ìpolicy is a chance to explore a whole new way of looking at economics, governance and social issues. Our course for journalists equips participants with analytical tools to better understand and evaluate the effects of public policies and offers unconventional angles and story ideas, information sources, and expert perspectives.

Last date for applications is 5 November 2013. Don’t miss out! Apply now for a life-altering four day course on public policy.

For more details, Sadaf Hussain ( | +91 99531 33868).

CCS DashboardTalk by Jishnu Das on “Delivering Education: How the Rise of Private Schooling Changes Everything”, 20 November 2013

Jishnu DasJoin us for a talk on ‘Delivering Education: How the Rise of Private Schooling Changes Everything’ by Jishnu Das, senior economist at the World Bank and visiting Fellow at the Center for Policy Research. The talk will explore educational markets in low-income countries and analyse the potential of these educational markets to change policy and make our education space more effective. Dr Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Professor at Institute of Education, University of London will comment on the paper and its policy implications.

The event is invite only and invitations will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis so contact us NOW if you’re interested!

To RSVP or for more information, contact Samta Arora ( | +91 99538 27773).

CCS DashboardSchool Choice National Conference, 20 December 2013

School Choice National ConferenceThe 5th School Choice National Conference this December is focused on the theme: “Education 2025: Student First!”. Our aim?

  • To bring together educationists and educational planners, policy experts, activists and government officials to discuss and debate existing policies and share their vision for what education should be in 2025 and;
  • To showcase innovative policy solutions–both national and international–that are being implemented to address current challenges in the Indian education ecosystem

Join leaders in the education space as they examine whether today’s education system is equipped to meet the growing aspirations of young India.

Register NOW! For more information, contact Sadaf Hussain ( | +91 99531 33868).

CCS DashboardAsia Liberty Forum, 7-9 January 2014

Asia Liberty ForumMeet people who have been instrumental in advancing economic freedom in India at the Azadi Awards Ceremony during ALF this January!

Azadi Awards are awards given out to journalists working in the Hindi media who have been successful in spreading liberal ideas in India through their work, be it in print, television or radio. These awards are being offered by Centre for Civil Society, in partnership with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

To find out more about what we have lined up for you at this year’s Asia Liberty Forum, click here. Register NOW! Contact Srijan Bandyopadhyay ( | +91 99536 72130) for more details.

CCS DashboardThink Tank Management and Leadership Training, 10-12 January 2014

TTMLT 2014Are you a young think tank? Interested in starting one? Register NOW for the Think Tank Management and Leadership Training. Strengthen your purpose, identity and strategy to advance freedom in your country. Interact closely with trainers who specialise in strategic planning, fundraising, communications, as well as fellow entrepreneurs from over ten countries across Asia.

For more information, contact Srijan Bandyopadhyay ( | +91 99536 72130).

CCS Calendar 2013
Upcoming Events

14-17 November - ìpolicy for Young Leaders, Hyderabad

20 November - Talk by Jishnu Das on “Delivering Education: How the Rise of Private Schooling Changes Everything”, New Delhi

22-24 November - ìpolicy for Journalists (Hindi), Jaipur

20 December - School Choice National Conference, Delhi

7-9 January 2014 - Asia Liberty Forum, New Delhi

10-12 January 2014 - Think Tank Management and Leadership Training, New Delhi

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Freedom Caravan
Freedom Caravan 2013
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After the Welfare State?

After the welfare stateA series of essays, edited by Tom G. Palmer that explore the phenomenon of the welfare state through historical and present-day examples and ask the questions: What has the welfare state wrought on economies around the world? Is it sustainable? And what should come after the welfare state? Download here.

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