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13 January 2016
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Dear Friends,

It was great to engage with you through 2015 during our various events, both online and offline. It’s been a jam-packed year, and we’ve enjoyed every busy moment!

We’d like to thank you all for your participation, and your support in extending ideas of liberty to wider audiences.

If you have any feedback for us regarding Dashboard as well as the events you attended, please write to Manasi Bose ( We’d love to hear from you!

Below are snapshots from some of our events. Take a look, and mark your calendars for 2016. Happy browsing!

With best wishes,

Team CCS

Deepak Lal Book Launch David Friedman in India Friedman Legacy Day
Launch of ‘Poverty and Progress: Realities and Myths about Global Poverty’ by Deepak Lal Talk by David Friedman on ‘Law Without the State' Friedman Legacy Day 2015
Law and Liberty Conference Tribute to S V Raju SCNC 2015
Law and Liberty Conference Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future – A Tribute to S V Raju School Choice National Conference
CCS Dashboard#ccstalks TweetChat: ‘What are critical constraints to Indian school education reform?’, 18 January 2016, 7-8pm

TweetChatWhat is the critical constraint behind the issues that exist in our school education system? Is it infrastructure? If it is infrastructure, why did we not see improvements in learning outcomes though the status of infrastructure has improved? Is it lack of motivated people? If that is the case, what is the reason for this lack of motivation: Are passionate people not entering the sector or are they losing their motivation after becoming part of the system?

Join us for #ccstalks hosted by Karthik Dinne, author of UnpackED: The black box of Indian school education reform, on Monday, 18 January 2016 from 7-8pm! Log in to or Twitter and follow #ccstalks. We look forward to speaking with you! For more information, contact Manasi Bose (

CCS DashboardAsia Liberty Forum, 18-20 February 2016

Asia Liberty Forum 2016
What to look out for at the Asia Liberty Forum 2016 in Malaysia:

  • Faces of Freedom in Asia – Hear from freedom champions on reasons to be hopeful about the movement in Asia!
  • Breakout sessions on Liberty in the Muslim World, the Private School Revolution in Asia, and the Chinese Financial Crisis among others
  • Documentary Screening: India Awakes – the film by Johan Norberg that takes a deeper look at how marginalised populations are benefiting from market reforms
  • Mentor’s Roundtable – an opportunity for in-person mentorship opportunities with leaders of our movement on their areas of expertise

More details can be found here. REGISTER NOW!

CCS Events Calendar
Upcoming Events

18 January 2016, 7-8pm - #ccstalks TweetChat on ‘What are critical constraints to Indian school education reform?’

28-31 January 2016 - ìpolicy for Young Leaders, PDPU, Ahmedabad

15-18 February 2016 - Think Tank Start Up Training, Kualalumpur, Malaysia

18-20 February 2016 - Asia Liberty Forum, Kualalumpur, Malaysia

Spontaneous Order
Ankur Gautam writes Uberocracy: How the Sharing Economy is Changing Everything

Asia Liberty Forum 2014
Freedom Takes Courage
...more videos

UnpackED – The black box of Indian school education reform

UnpackED – The black box of Indian school education reformThe previous decade brought a great visibility of learning class in India. In attempts to reform education, people made several attempts at small and large scales. The book synthesizes lessons from these attempts and debates across different strands of education  - assessments, pedagogy, governance etc., and argues that weak state capacity is the critical constraint in the school education reform currently. It also lists out the implications of weak state capacity - forcing us to settle for second-best solutions etc. The book then discusses the meaning of state capacity and frameworks to understand the same; as well as widely debated themes in education - decentralisation, incentives, private schools, and vouchers. Finally, it argues that if we are to improve any further, we must focus on enhancing state capacity and it must be made the priority. Download here.

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