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11 May 2016
#ccstalks TweetChat: Should we BAN the BAN?

27 May-29 May 2016
Ìpolicy for young leaderS, CCS Office

4 June-25 July 2016
Researching Reality Internship 2016

Right to Property

Khagesh Gautam
Khagesh Gautam

Prashant Narang

Liberty & Society Series 8: Education in India: Voice, Choice & Incentives

Who has what degree of voice and choice in our current education system? Independent learning achievement surveys such as the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2014 or Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) show that learning outcomes are very low in India, especially when compared with global standards. This monograph takes a close look at the system and concludes that it is breathing heavy in a distorted environment where the consumers—the children and parents—have a weak voice and the producers—teachers, governments and schools— have a strong voice, and none of the stakeholders involved in the system seem to have the right incentive to engage with one another.


Ìpolicy for young leaders from 27 May – 29 May 2016, APPLY Now!

Have you delved deep down into our nation's problems and reflected on what, we, the young blood can do about it?

The ‪ipolicy‬ for ‪‎Young Leaders‬ sets up the platform to think critically about issues. It aims to equip participants with fundamental concepts of ‪‎political‬ ‪economy‬ and sound ‪‎public policy‬ to enable them understand the root cause of current challenges and effectively advocate for policy solutions through their current work and future professions.

Be the CHANGE Maker. Only 10 Days Left … APPLY NOW!

Deadline: 15 May 2016

For more information feel free to write to us at

ipolicy for young leaders

#ccstalks TweetChat
Should we BAN the BAN?

11 May 2016, Wednesday, 4-5pm

Recently, India has been witnessing a vulture of ban. Starting from banning of books, documentaries, to movies, and now …the liquor ban in Kerala and Bihar. This brings the larger debate, do bans actually work? Is banning liquor in Kerala and Bihar a necessary decision? Or a throwback to the prohibition of 1970s USA which effectively brought in the culture of bootleggers?

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