EduDoc 2015

Theme: Stories of Edupreneurs

Edupreneurs (education enterpreneurs) are individuals who create learning opportunities where they are needed most. Bringing edupreneurs into the spotlight.

Best EduDoc Film: Sylvester Bhaiya
by Harsh Varshan Singh

Sylvester Bhaiya is the real life story of Delhi's My Angel Academy,life-coached by Sylvester Peter since he was 13 yrs old himself,dedicating 29 years of his life to a cause close to his heart. Sylvester used football as the main tool to reform lives of under privileged slum children against their everyday constant struggle and has been passionate about building the new generation of Responsible Citizen.

3Dexter : 3D Designing and Printing Curriculum in Schools
by Samarth Vasdev

3D Printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we create physical obects. The worldwide 3D Printing industry is now expected to exceed 421 billion in worldwide revenue by 2020. The technology is finding traction in a lot of industries hanks to the ever-growing list of 3D Printable materials. However, there is a lack of concrete knowledge about this unique technology. 3Dexter aims to assist educational institutions to develop 3D Technology as a skill in young minds through its 3D Printing and Design curriculum. The video sent alongside showcases the first step to set up 3D Labs in schools: Orientation Workshops.

by Prasanta

Ranigarh is a remote and shanty village of the Sundarbans. The main occupation of the people of this area is agriculture and animal husbandry specially. Anu Chhatuie is a small girl who reads in class nine in such a school. The girl hails from a very poor family and goes to teach in a primary school in return of a meager amount of money after doing all the household chores. She educates the Cherubim of her area. Anu dreams one day the people of her community shall break through the fangs of ignorance and stand at par to the rest of the world. Anu lives to fulfill her dream in future. She dreads nothing and knows no prohibition, undaunted she strives for the betterment of her consigns.