EduDoc 2017

Theme- Education: Challenges, Innovations, Celebrations

EduDoc: Stories of Education is an International Short Film Competition by Centre for Civil Society (CCS) where we want to put Challenges, innovations and celebrations in the spotlight.

Best Film : Phool Apni Khushbu Khud Nahi Leta
by Rahul Rai

In the small village of Pipliya, an ordinary man with an ordinary dream is achieving extraordinary feats. Dashrath Kanade is a Government Primary School who has resolved to transform the education system by teaching his students about the values of selfless service. Dashrath's enthusiasm, contagious energy, and relentless focus on every one of his students earned him a special position at his school. The film celebrates the indefatigable spirit of a teacher and hopes to inspire others to follow in Dasrath's footsteps.

2nd Best Film: Cup of Tea
by Jitendra Rai

'Education for All' is a noble pursuit, albeit a difficult one. The realities of our time reflect in our inability to reach out to the remotest villages. Despite innovations in technology, countless homes remain isolated from the power of learning. And while the struggle for technological accessibility continues, sometimes all it takes is one person and a cup of tea to illuminate the lives of many.

3rd Best Film: Une Petite Différence
by Chloé Dumoulin

Lost in her own version of a "secret garden", Elsa is suddenly disturbed by the other children in the playground. In an effort to valiantly protect her creation, Elsa puts up a fight against the gang of bullies but finds herself being sent to the headteacher's office. However, the tensed confrontation between the Headteacher and the quarrelsome child takes an unexpected turn.