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A New Swarajya

Published in NewsLaundry on 11 Sep 2014

NGOs in India on tenterhooks after accusatory government report

Published in The Christian Science Monitor on 21 Jul 2014

Rangarajan report: Why it cannot be completely written off

Published in First Post on 08 Jul 2014

Leadership in schools

Published in The Thumb Print on 05 Jul 2014

Indian think tanks must collaborate, or face stagnation

Published in Various Media on 28 Jan 2014

India has 268 think tanks but only six in top 150

Published in Various OnlineMedia on 26 Jan 2014

Asia Liberty Forum 2014

Published in coolage.in on 13 Jan 2014

Change India: An agenda for the Next PM

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Poorly Taught Economics

Published in Forbes India on 03 Jan 2014

Private Schools for Poor Pressured by Right to Education Act

Published in The New York Times on 02 Jan 2014

How much do we know about Education in India

Published in Forbes India on 28 Nov 2013

Impact of the RTE Shutdown of Schools

Published in Forbes India on 01 Nov 2013

Hope for a Skilled India… Finally!

Published in Forbes India on 17 Sep 2013

Right to Education portal launched at FICCI's Federation House

Published in India Education Diary on 29 Aug 2013

India launches Right to Education portal on Aug. 29th, 2013

Published in India Sanitation Portal on 28 Aug 2013

Redefining poverty: what does it mean to be poor in India?

Published in The Guardian on 23 Aug 2013

The Lost Heroes of Economic Freedom

Published in Forbes India on 22 Aug 2013

Direct Cash Transfers: What Money Can Buy

Published in Forbes India on 03 Jul 2013