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NISA School Leaders Summit

Event Date: 01 Dec 2012; Time: 9:30-18:00
Venue: Silver Oaks, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

India’s National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) is organising its 1st annual School Leaders Summit on 5 December 2012. The Summit will bring together 175 budget private school leaders representing over 12,000 budget private schools to discuss challenges and existing gaps in the education system, and learn innovative practices to improve quality of schooling and student performance. The Summit will host a cross section of stakeholders such as investors, financial institutions, thought leaders, education service providers, principals of affordable school, proprietors and association heads.

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School Choice National Conference - 2012

Event Date: 01 Dec 2012; Time: Not Available
Venue: IHC, New Delhi

SCNC 2012 will be the fourth national conference organised by Centre for Civil Society and it’s School Choice Campaign—promoting freedom of choice for parents to choose the school they wish to send their children to; efficient use of public funds and equity and quality through liberal policy reform in India. SCNC offers a space for open dialogue, to track the education policy, from the parliament to the classroom, to make an effort to align the disoriented wheel of delivery, to stop the evident leakages and to better the delivery of quality teaching and education services to the users rather than the makers.

Asia Liberty Forum

Event Date: 02 Feb To 03 Feb 2012; Time: Not Available
Venue: The Claridges Hotel, Faridabad, Delhi NCR

Asia Liberty Forum is a 2-day event bringing the best liberal minds from Asia and around the world to identify critical issues plaguing Asia. Participants include intellectuals, think tank leaders, policymakers, business leaders, and changemakers. Participants will present their work and views on various facets of modern Asia. The forum provides a unique opportunity to interact closely with distinguished experts across various fields, who are tackling Asia’s unique development challenges.

School Choice National Conference - 2011

Event Date: 21 Dec 2011; Time: 9:00 am - 18:00
Venue: The Theatre, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

School Choice Campaign hosts the third annual School Choice National Conference titled Catalysing Education for All: Intention, Innovation and Implementation, inviting the participation of several top-level academicians, policy makers, government officials, education specialists and the media to discuss alternative education methods, and ideas to improve public spending for improved quality education.

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Mont Perelin Society 2011 Asia Regional Meeting

Event Date: 10 Feb To 13 Feb 2011; Time: 17:00 – 19:30
Venue: Leela Kempinski Hotel, Gurgaon, Haryana

The Mont Perelin Society focuses brings liberal leaders from across the globe together. This year, the Asia Liberal Leaders met to discuss 'India as Global Power: Practicing Liberal Values at Home and Abroad.' The MPS Asia Regional Meeting 2011 addresses three broad issues on the theme of India’s potential emergence as global power and the practice of liberal values. Though the questions are couched in reference to India, most of the issues have international dimension and relevance.