ìpolicy for Journalists, June 2017, Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand

Event Date: 16 Jun To 18 Jun 2017; Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Venue: The Lake Resort, Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand

To secure freedom, prosperity, and good governance, a democratic society requires a high level of ethical and informed reporting. in association with Centre for Civil Society,, Edelgive Foundation and Atlas Network offers ìpolicy, a three day residential course for journalists to equip them with tools to better understand and evaluate the effects of public policies in our day to day functioning. This award winning course focuses on issues in the key areas of education, livelihoods and good governance.

CCS is India’s leading liberal think tank, ranked 54 worldwide by the annual study conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at the University of Pennsylvania.


  • To equip participants with analytical tools to better understand and evaluate the effects of public policies so as to better distinguish between objective facts and merely subjective opinions and intentions of policies from their actual results.
  • To offer unconventional angles and story ideas, information sources, and expert perspectives.


This course is targeted towards media professionals with some experience including senior correspondents, feature writers, beat reporters, assistant/sub-editors, producers, and anchors. Freelance journalists who have a dedicated column in reputed publication or web portal can also apply for this workshop. Priority will be given to journalists who cover education beat and are based in UP. Up to 26 participants are chosen through a competitive evaluation process. Transportation may be arranged from Delhi too (not guaranteed), depending on receipt of sufficient no. of competitive applications.  


The fee for the ìpolicy is Rs. 2,000, which includes all meals, accommodation and transportation from Lucknow to the venue and back. This fee is payable upon selection and payment can be made through online only. Rs. 1,500 will be returned after completion of the workshop.

31 May 2017


ipolicy for Young Leaders, 16-18 June, 2017

Event Date: 16 Jun To 18 Jun 2017; Time: TBD
Venue: NIPFP, Delhi

ìpolicy for Young Leaders aims to reach out to undergraduates, graduates, post graduates and recent graduates who have just started working. CCS believes that such individuals hold the power to change the future, and because they are currently in a space where their belief and knowledge could be channelized and strengthened through exposure to ideas of a free society.


  • To create a fun, open, and respectful environment where everyone is encouraged to think critically about social, economic, and political issues.
  • To evoke in participants a passionate inquiry into their own values and role in creating a good society.
  • To equip participants with fundamental concepts of political economy and sound public policy to enable them understand the root cause of current challenges and effectively advocate for policy solutions through their current work and future professions.
  • To plug participants into a global network of opportunities to propel their intellectual growth, make personal connections and access resources to help them advance their vision of a free society.

Eligibility: The course is open to all students, recent graduates as well as post graduates. Participants will be selected based on their application merit.

Please Note: Selected participants are required to attend all the sessions held during the course upon which they will receive a certificate of participation.

Course Fee: The ìpolicy fee is Rs 3000, which shall cover food and course materials for the entire duration of the program. The fee is payable upon selection, and can be made online, via cheque or DD, details of which will be communicated later. The participants are requested to make their own travel arrangements. Selected participants will be notified on a rolling basis.

Liberty Connect : Alumni Picnic in Cubbon Park, Bangalore!

Event Date: 30 Apr 2017; Time: 4 - 6:30 pm
Venue: Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India

Enjoy a fun Sunday evening connecting with the CCS alumni network at a picnic in Cubbon Park!

Whether it's through Liberty and Society Seminars, ISPP, ipolicy or internships, what we value most about our journey over the past two decades is the continued support of our alumni. We'd love to hear what you've been up to, your favourite memory from a CCS program, and what you'd like to see more of from us at CCS.

We're excited to invite you to a Sunday Picnic at Cubbon Park, for CCS ALUMNI on 30 April at 4pm. What better way to spend an evening than catching up on old times, meeting friends, walking down the memory lane, discussing ideas and munching on some great food! Please spread the word among your fellow batchmates who were a part of your group at CCS Academy programs and mark your calendars. Feel free to bring a friend along.


Invite fellow CCS alumni on the Facebook event page

Launch of 'Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future at Dehradun Literature Festival 2016

Event Date: 22 Apr 2017; Time: 10 am - 6 pm
Venue: Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Launch of
Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future

and Panel Discussion: Crisis of Liberalism in India
with Jerry Rao, Gurcharan Das, R Jagannathan and Hindol Sengupta

Law and Public Policy Credit Course

Event Date: 13 Apr To 29 Apr 2017; Time: -
Venue: NLSIU, Bangalore
Law and Public Policy, our flagship seminar course on the intersection of legal practice, economic principles and policy making, is a unique 40-hours learning module designed specifically for students pursuing legal studies. Highlighting discourses on public policy within the core disciplines of law and economics, the module equips students with theoretical and practical tools to identify and resolve pertinent social issues. Public Policy—an emerging field of critical engagement in India—is deeply interlinked to legal thought and practice. Our interdisciplinary course provides a unique vantage point from which issues that directly affect the lives of millions of citizens can be examined in context of accompanying legal frameworks. Law and Public Policy allows students to utilize their core knowledge in legal studies and apply them in varied fields of governance. Inculcating a problem-solving approach, this elective course equips students with the analytical tools to innovate effective and sustainable policy solutions to some of the greatest issues plaguing our society. Public policy spans a range of issues, from identifying solutions to challenges of distribution, to designing just institutional mechanisms. Multiple institutional mechanisms exist for resolving any policy issues. Regulatory policy, for instance, can exercise degrees of control, from procedures as simple as registration to complex systems of certification, and further, licensing. Identifying and creating legal frameworks that emulate best practices and models of development is a key challenge of policy-making, and this course designed to bridge the skills developed under legal studies with their successful application in resolving policy concerns.