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12 September 2020
A Monthly Update on Our CCS Initiatives
From Annadata to Farmpreneur: Playbook for Reforming Indian Agriculture

From Annadata to Farmpreneur: Playbook for Reforming Indian Agriculture

India is the second-largest producer of farm goods in the world. It is one of the top producers of wheat, rice, pulses, sugarcane and cotton; the highest producer of milk, and the second-highest producer of fruits and vegetables. However, all is not well in the sector.

Despite decades of policy interventions, a majority of Indian farmers have not seen their incomes rise, nor have they been able to increase farm productivity. Government and society in India have historically viewed farming merely as a means of achieving food security for the country. Farmers are considered annadatas, instead of legitimate entrepreneurs engaged in the business of agriculture.

Against this background, we released our ‘Playbook for Reforming Indian Agriculture’, supported by Atlas Network. The playbook imagines agriculture as an enterprise, and casts agriculturists as ‘farmpreneurs’, listing eight distinct reforms needed in the agriculture sector so our farmpreneurs may be free to make and sell.



The economic crisis perpetrated by the Covid-19 pandemic has rendered many jobless or with substantial salary cuts, making it difficult to afford their children’s school fees. Parents from across the country have jointly filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking a waiver of schools fees during the pandemic. With parents and other groups demanding fee waivers, Budget Private Schools are in a jam. After all, how do they pay salaries to their teaching and non-teaching staff if they waive off student fees? In the latest episode of our SO Basically series we discuss the tricky issue of school fee waivers.

Discussion on Poverty & Freedom with Matt Warner

Discussion on Poverty & Freedom with Matt Warner

In August, we conducted an eBaithak on ‘Poverty and Freedom’ with Matt Warner, President, Atlas Network. The discussion focused on the book 'Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on Global Economic Development', edited by Mr. Warner. The book showcases thirteen case-studies of the inspiring work of local think tanks that are committed to expanding freedom for vulnerable populations by making legal markets more inclusive, and removing other barriers to opportunity all over the world. In July, we had launched the Hindi edition of the book.

CCS Turns 23!

CCS Turns 23!

This 15th August, we celebrated 23 years of advancing social change through public policy! We were joined by Nadir Godrej, Managing Director, Godrej Industries; Dr Jayprakash Narayan, CCS Board Member, Former Bureaucrat and Founder, Foundation for Democratic Reforms, who spoke on the essence of liberalism and Linda Whetstone, Chairman, Network for a Free Society, who illustrated CCS' journey in the last 23 years, among others, whose invaluable support have made our efforts successful.

CCS continues in its efforts to further the ideas of choice, liberty and accountability amidst the global pandemic. For this and more, we thank you for your support!

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