ìpolicy for Development Leaders

Certificate in Public Policy

ipolicy for Development Leaders

Current public policy is preventing inclusive growth in social and economic progress especially for the economically poor.

CCS is India's leading liberal think tank, ranked 81 worldwide by the annual study conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

How do we develop interventions that will actually deliver desired change given the complex nature of development problems? How can we address root causes of problems and not just their symptoms? Instead of providing direct relief alone, are there ways to empower the target group to solve problems for themselves? What are the most effective roles for the government, civil society, and the individual in solving social problems? Finally, what government policies contribute to the existence of problems in the first place?

Centre for Civil Society believes that to answer these questions, it is essential to understand the role of public policy. A greater awareness of the policy perspective can help development leaders a) identify and evaluate which policies will help or hinder their efforts and b) formulate and advocate for policies that will complement their organization’s vision and goals. ìpolicy for Development Leaders offers a dynamic and empowering learning experience for civil society professionals and equips them with tools that will make them more effective at their work.

Key benefits for Development Leaders:

  • Participants will be equipped with a framework to analyse roles of public policy and civil society in solving social problems.
  • Networking opportunities with prominent speakers, experts, and peer development leaders from various sectors.
  • Assess and discuss current trends and innovative solutions to key socio-economic issues with a special focus on the desired roles of government, markets and civil society.

Key benefits for Organisations:

  • Improved quality of analysis of core social issues, thereby improving the effectiveness of the organisations campaigns, especially regarding the interface between the organisation’s focus and public policy.
  • Enhance abilities of its staff to develop, assess, and advocate for policy frameworks complementary to the organisation’s vision and goals.
  • Network with other organisations to advance advocacy though common resources and mutual learning.

Eligibility: This course is targeted towards professionals of civil society organisations, think tanks, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, etc. Heads of institutions are requested to nominate at least 2 staff members to attend the course.

Please Note:

  • Nominated and interested candidates are to fill the application form.
  • Selected applicants are required to participate for the entire duration of the course at the end of which a Certificate in Public Policy will be awarded.
  • The course can include only 30 participants. Selection of participants will be done on a rolling basis.
  • The course fee is Rs. ​4​000 and will cover refreshments for ​all​ days. This fee is payable upon selection, and payment can be made online or through cheque (Travel costs are not included – participants must make their own arrangements).


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