Liberalism in India | Past, Present and Future - A Tribute to S V Raju

S V Raju was one of India’s liberal giants, and his passing earlier this year was a huge loss for the liberty movement in India. To honour his memory, and celebrate his commitment to creating a freer India, Centre for Civil Society is partnering with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation to organise an academic conference where key liberal voices in India will present papers on the past, present and future of Indian Liberalism. The papers presented in the conference would be a part of a publication—a Festschrift honouring S V Raju.

Confirmed authors include Rajeev Mantri and Harsh Gupta, Surjit Bhalla, J P Narayan, Jaithirth Rao, Nirvikar Singh, R Jagannathan, Nitin Pai and Parth J Shah among others.

This is a part of CCS initiative Indian Liberals, our very small effort to help preserve often unknown but a very rich Indian liberal tradition and understand the relevance of the writings in today’s context.

We have a limited number of seats, so registration is first come, first serve.

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Registration Closed

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