A Dialogue with the Experts: Webinars from ISPP

This April, the Indian School of Public Policy organised three webinars, bringing expert perspectives on critical contemporary concerns and the scope of public policy today. On 13th April, Vineeta Hariharan, Policy Head, World Bank spoke on 'Public Policy- Key Steps and Scope', highlighting the scope for public policy in corporate and government sectors, and on experiential learning opportunities available to policy professionals. The webinar was attended by 51 participants.

Raja Karthikeya, Political Officer, United Nations, New York conducted a webinar on 17th April, addressing 'New challenges in International Public Policy', engaging 30 participants.

On the 26th, Professor Bhaskar Chakravorti, Dean of Global Business, the Fletcher School at Tufts University and Founding Executive Director, Fletcher's Institute for Business in the Global Context, conducted a session on 'Digital India is lovely.. But can it get past the Real India?. With 48 participants, the webinar brought forth questions and concerns on India's digital revolution, its performance in the global economy and inclusiveness.

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