Engaging Journalist Change-makers

We hosted two journalists' dialogues' in the month of June bringing together 37 journalists, to discuss market solutions to our enduring developmental challenges. An opportunity of networking and insightful discussions, the participant journalists discussed and deliberated on policy issues, and celebrated the spirit of liberal journalism.

The discussions addressed the merit of imposing a ban on things over incentivising citizens to minimise use in the backdrop of the recent plastic ban in the state of Maharashtra, the government's approach of finding short-term solutions to problems like delays of trains and increased use of electric power, and the repeal of outdated laws, among others. The discussions were led by Avinash Chandra, Editor, Azadi.me and Prashant Narang, Supreme Court advocate, and moderated by Shantanu Gupta, Political Analyst and Author of 'The Monk Who Became Chief Minister' and Amit Chandra, National Coordinator, NISA.

To know more about our monthly dialogues with journalists, contact avinash@ccs.in