This February we partnered with Christ University, Bangalore, to conduct our flagship certificate course on public policy. We had 35 young leaders participating in interactive sessions included discussions on the ‘Policy Landscape in India’, and ‘Making India Rich’. Engaging group activities were also conducted such as ‘Cand-e-monium’ to experiment the simulation of trade, collective readings to encourage students to understand critical theoretical concepts, and question and contest learned presumptions. Our esteemed faculty for the course included Bhuvana Anand, Governance and Public Policy Expert; Dr J P Narayan, Founder of the Foundation for Democratic Reforms; Viren Shetty, Senior Vice President, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital; Prof. M S Sriram, Visiting Faculty, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, among others.

Subsequently, in March we were hosted by the Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi to conduct the three-day program for 28 participants. Sessions on economic and environmental challenges faced by India and the public policy landscape were conducted by speakers including Mohit Satyanand, Entrepreneur, Investor and Policy Expert; Shreekant Gupta, Adjunct Professor, LKY School of Public Policy (LKYSPP); Apurv Mishra, Visiting Faculty, Ashoka University; and Shantanu Gupta, Political Analyst and Author of 'The Monk Who Became Chief Minister'. The participants were given an insight into the field of policy making through a range of games, interactive activities and Socratic dialogues.

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