Nurturing Parent Spokespersons for Education Reforms

We brought together 18 parent members of our Parents Forum for School Education for a two-day workshop to train them - as key stakeholders in education - in education policy advocacy. The objective of the workshop was to build consensus among parents in defining the problems in education in India today and to equip them with fundamental skills to devise and implement an impactful action plan for due reforms.

The core sessions of the workshop provided the parents with a firm understanding of education policy in India, its enduring problems in quality and access and the principles of sound public policy, along with skills in communication and digital advocacy. Our facilitators included Mr Kulbhushan Sharma, President, National Independent Schools Alliance; Dr Parth Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society; Nitesh Anand, Senior Associate, Advocacy, Centre for Civil Society; and Rahul Nainwal, Co-Founder India Fellow Social Leadership Program and MITRA iVolunteer respectively.