WEBINARS FROM ISPP: A Dialogue with the Experts

This May, the Indian School of Public Policy conducted 2 webinars, bringing expert perspectives on critical contemporary policy concerns.

On 4th May, Dr Vikas Kathuria, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich, spoke on 'Rivalry for User Data: Implications for Consumers and Law'. Engaging 23 participants, the webinar introduced the audience to the rising importance of big data, its implications for their privacy, and the anti-competitive behavior that harms consumers and poses challenges to the policymakers.

On 18th May, Professor Renuka Sane, Associate Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy spoke on the topic of 'Who Protects the Consumer: The Case of Indian Finance'. With 33 participants, the webinar focused on the question of mis-selling of financial products; what drives this trend and the challenges in financial regulations towards an effective resolution.

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